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 Diabetes program Amity Health

Central Great Southern Diabetes Education Capacity Building

The ‘Diabetes Education Capacity Building Project' aims to ensure people at risk of developing diabetes and people living with diabetes have, easier and more readily available access to a Credentialed Diabetes Educator locally.

Amity Health employs a Credentialed Diabetes Educator to deliver self-management strategies for diabetes care together with diabetes education, in the Central Great Southern region.

Amity Health’s Credentialed Diabetes Educator, in collaboration with other health care providers and community members, is forming and strengthening partnerships within local communities in the Central Great Southern. Hence, the aim to build capacity is to support and better manage diabetes in the region.

Amity Health’s Credentialed Diabetes Educator is dedicated to improving health outcomes, by educating the community about strategies to reduce the risks of developing diabetes, and providing support and improved self-management for people living with diabetes.

Who could benefit from this Program?

those who will benefit include:
  • high risk patients with complications
  • women with diabetes in pregnancies
  • patients requiring insulin pump therapy
  • aboriginal people
  • people with mental health conditions
  • culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community groups

How to access this service?

access to this service is by:
  • self-referral
  • GP referral
  • referral by a Health Professional

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What is offered...

The Central Great Southern Diabetes Education Capacity Building Program offers:

  • collaboration with existing services and service providers
  • increased support for people living with diabetes
  • support for people ‘at risk’ of developing diabetes
  • community promotion
  • group education

* This funding is made possible through the support of the Southern Inland Health Initiative and the State Government’s Royalties for Regions program.