Providing Health & Wellbeing Solutions

Education and Training

Amity Health’s allied health practitioners can provide Education and Training to staff at your organisation, aged care facility or school.

For Schools

Our allied health practitioners can provide information and training about managing developmental delays/conditions and strategies for managing common classroom challenges.

For example:

  • Our Occupational Therapist can provide the latest updates in managing poor pencil grip or sensory-motor deficits
  • Our Speech Pathologist can discuss ways in which to structure language activities to assist those children with auditory processing problems
  • Our Dietitian can provide information to children on how to make healthy food choices

For Aged Care Facilities

Let our Speech Pathologist provide education about safe management of swallowing difficulties. We can also help your facility create a communication friendly environment for those experiencing hearing, language or cognitive difficulties. Our staff can also assist you in the management of those living with the residual effects of brain injury.

For Organisations

Amity Health can provide training in Manual Handling for your organisation.


To book an Education and Training session or for more information please contact Louise Cato at Amity Health on 98 422 797