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Information for General Practitioners

Amity Health is a non-government organisation employing a team of allied health professionals who work together to bring local health care solutions to the community.

Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with you, the General Practitioner, clinical staff and allied health providers to ensure a holistic approach to meet the complete health care needs of your patients.

Our Services

Amity Health offers programs and services including:

Amity Health also hosts Visiting Specialists to Albany, contact us for more information about our Visiting Specialists or click here for a current list.

Our Processes

GP Referrals to our Allied Health Professionals:
  • please provide a detailed reason for the purpose of the referral of your patient
  • referrals can be received at Amity Health either with the referral form attached to your letter stating the purpose of the referral, or by a covering letter
  • referrals can be faxed, posted or sent via MMEx secure messaging

Cost to your patients

Amity Health works on the basis of providing the best possible health care. In providing a wide range of services there is an associated cost. Some services may be subsidised by Medicare or through your patients’ private health funds.

Contact us for more information about our fee structure.

Let us be part of your health and wellbeing solutions