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Integrated Team Care

This program aims to improve Aboriginal access to primary health care services to improve the lives of Aboriginal Australians. Our staff work as a team to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people.

Indigenous Health Project Officer

Cultural barriers can limit the use of health services by Aboriginal people. Amity Health has an Indigenous Health Project Officer (IHPO) who aims to:

  • identify barriers that may impact on access to health services
  • encourage the uptake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments
  • increase awareness and understanding of General Practitioners (GPs) and Allied Health professionals 

Indigenous Outreach Worker

Amity’s IHPO works closely with our Indigenous Health Project Officer (IOW) to liaise within the community to promote health services and to provide practical assistance for patients to attend medical appointments. The IOW aims to:

  • develop and implement ways to support primary care providers to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to self-identify
  • develop and implement strategies to increase the uptake of Indigenous-specific Medicare item numbers including Indigenous health checks
  • assist in booking health related appointments and transport to these appointments

Care Coordinator and Supplementary Service (CCSS)

Amity’s Care Coordinator and Supplementary Service (CCSS) program aims to contribute to improved health outcomes for Aboriginal people with chronic health conditions through better access to coordinated and multidisciplinary care.

Care Coordination aims to provide support:

  • by a qualified Care Coordinator to assist Aboriginal patients with chronic diseases and support them to self-manage
  • to identify signs that may require further assistance
  • to adhere to care plan and adhere to treatment regimes
  • to arrange services requiring medical specialists, allied health and other providers in line with care plan.
  • to attend medical appointments
  • to participate in regular reviews by relevant primary health care provider

Supplementary Services

Barriers such as cost, long waitlists for public services and lack of transport are common for Aboriginal patients. If such barriers exist and are clinically inappropriate, the Care Coordinator can use the Supplementary Services funding to cover gap payments. The Coordinator can also advance the patient’s access to services in the private sector and arrange transport and accommodation for patients. 

Who can use these services?

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders can use these services: referral to a Care Coordinator for follow-up care is made through General Practitioners.

How to access these services?

Speak with your GP or contact us for more information.

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*Funding for these integrated services is provided by the West Australian Primary Health Alliance.