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Information for Practice Managers

Amity Health is a non-government organisation employing a team of allied health professionals who work together to bring local health care solutions to the community.

Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with you, the Practice Managers and your staff, to not only to ensure a holistic approach to meet the complete health care needs of your patients but also provide networking and support.

Our Services to You

We have a long-standing relationship with all Great Southern region practices and the staff who work in them.

Amity Health convenes and hosts bi-monthly Practice Managers Meetings. Practice Managers in our region benefit greatly from the

networking and exchange of information at these meetings.

In addition, Amity Health has the capacity to convene a broader network for these meetings through videoconferencing, to include more distant practices. We feel very well placed to continue to provide a platform for a variety of levels of networking in relation to general practice.

Information generated through these meetings is made available to all Practice Managers in our area.

Amity Health is a central agency with the capacity to maintain:

  • up to date contact lists
  • an awareness of general practice requirements
  • an interagency network that provides access to information relevant to practices

For your information

Amity Health offers programs and services including:

Amity Health also hosts Visiting Specialists to Albany, contact us for more information about our visiting specialists or click here for a current list.

Let us be part of your health and wellbeing solutions