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Information for Practice Nurses

Amity Health is a non-government organisation employing a team of allied health professionals who work together to bring local health care solutions to the community.

Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with you, to ensure a holistic approach to meet the complete health care needs of your patients.

Our Services to You

Amity Health convenes and hosts monthly Practice Nurse Meetings.

These meetings offer practice nurses:

  • collegial support in their roles
  • an opportunity to network
  • an opportunity to participate in professional development

Support & mentoring for new Practice Nurses

Amity Health provides an opportunity for mentoring and offers support for new practice nurses through the Amity Health convened practice nurse networks.

Professional Development

Practice nurse meetings provide an opportunity for professional development: an hour of each meeting is dedicated to professional development.

This hour may include:

  • core competency education such as wound management and infection control
  • inter-agency updates such as those from the WACHS-based immunisation, hepatitis and cancer programs
  • information on opportunities to participate and assist with research relevant to general practice


Amity Health also provides practice nurse education; we do this by promoting and funding education, plus supporting the delivery of education by other agencies.

Great Southern Nurse Practitioners Networking Group

Amity Health also convenes the Great Southern Nurse Practitioner Networking Group.

This is an interagency group offering support for nurse practitioners as they develop and implement pathways for engaging in their new and innovative roles. Meetings for the group are held at Amity Health and provide further networking and professional development for the participants.

To find out more about the Practice Nurse and Nurse Practitioners Meetings, contact Burtta Manning at

Amity Health services - for your information

Amity Health offers programs and services including:

Amity Health also hosts Visiting Specialists to Albany, contact us for more information about our visiting specialists or click here for a current list.

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