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 Child and Adult Speech Pathology Services   

Amity Health Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Jackie Jenkins can assist children experiencing difficulties in their Speech and Language.

Challenges such as:
* speaking (speech sounds and/or use of words) and understanding
* stuttering
* auditory memory
* reading and writing

Jackie Jenkins comes to Amity health with a wealth of experience managing paediatric caseloads over the past 25 years. A former resident of Albany, Jackie has returned here to live and will be working for Amity Health from 12th December 2016.

Jackie has worked in a range of different settings including the Department of Health, North West Metropolitan Language Development Centre, general school environments, and in her own private practice. She has also had a long association with Curtin University as a clinical supervisor.

Jackie’s expertise lies in the school aged population with a particular focus on pre-literacy and literacy programs. If you have concerns regarding your child’s speech and language development, or social skills give Jackie a call on 9842 2797

Jackie Jenkins, Amity Health Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Amity health is a registered provider of Helping Children with Autism and Better Start. 
Our Speech Pathologist, Jackie Jenkins, has extensive experience in providing paediatric services and can act as a panel member for assessment of ASD, as well as a provider of services. 

Occupational Therapist, Darcy Ward, can assess your child and provide ongoing management.

If you wish to speak to Jackie or Darcy phone Amity Health on 98 422 797

Speech Pathology for Adults

Amity Health’s Speech Pathologist Ella Hamilton can assist adults experiencing communication problems associated with stroke or brain injury, and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. We also assess and manage swallowing problems and voice disorders.

Stroke Communication Group – Thursday 9.30-11am.

This weekly group provides an opportunity for those living with an acquired communication impairment resulting from stroke or degenerative conditions (such as Parkinson’s disease), to meet with others and practice their skills in a supportive environment.

Click here for Communication Group flyer.

To book an appointment with our Speech Pathologist, Ella Hamilton or for more information please contact

Amity Health on 9842 2797