Technology to assist with management of Type 1 Diabetes

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Technology to assist with management of Type 1 Diabetes:

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is a means of tracking glucose levels continuously throughout the day and night. It allows users to gain insight into patterns and trends in glucose levels.

CGM systems consist of a sensor, a separate transmitter and a receiver. The Sensor is a tiny filament inserted just under the skin using an application device, being held in place with an adhesive patch. This is disposable and changed every 6-7 days depending on device. The transmitter attaches to the sensor and sends real time sensor glucose readings to a receiver (Smartphone, Receiver, compatible insulin pump) via Bluetooth technology.

The receiver displays current glucose levels, updating every 5 minutes (288 readings in 24 hours). It displays trends and allows the user to set alerts when certain glucose thresholds are reached. It may help to prevent hypo or hyperglycaemia and achieving more time in range.

CGM NDSS subsidy is available for

·      children and young adults under 21 years of age living type 1 diabetes.

There are several continuous glucose monitoring systems available in Australia for people living who require insulin to manage their diabetes. The two most commonly used are:

Dexcom 5

Annual cost without subsidy $6600 per year

Guardian Connect

Annual cost without subsidy $3300 per year.

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Contact our Diabetes Educators at Amity Health to find out about current technology and to assist with person centered advice on how to manage your condition.




Nicola Edwards