At Amity Health, we understand that living in country regions can make accessing allied health services challenging. 

We have identified this and we work hard to provide a range of health care services to country people, including Occupational Therapy (generalist and mental health practitioners), Speech Pathology, Dietetics and Diabetes Education.

Everyone can access our services and a referral is not always needed from your GP or other Health Practitioner. Although some of our programs are funded for eligible clients, we also offer a Fee for Service program.

No matter what age, stage, background or ethnicity, we are here to help you through your health-related challenges and concerns.

Whether you are a Parent, Adolescent, Adult, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or Health Practitioner, we will continue to listen to you and to help meet your health needs and those of our community members.

To discover how we can help you, please click on the relevant button below. 


Amity Health is an NDIS registered provider with experience in managing autism, hearing and visual impairments, intellectual disability, brain injury and stroke.